The debate is on whether WordPress hosting is better than the cPanel web hosting we have all grown used to. This topic is a tricky one as there are a lot of variables that impact which is right.

Don’t Fall For Web Hosting Hype

There are differences between web hosting packages. The same is true with WordPress web hosting and cPanel hosting. The real differences are in the package contents. Don’t fall for the hype of “WordPress” hosting in the name.

Almost all web hosting packages are WordPress hosting packages. They are all capable of running a WordPress website and providing more than enough resources to do it well. Choosing a web hosting package that provides the right amount of resources Offers a fair price and is of good quality is far more important than whether WordPress is in the name.

Personal and Business Preference Should Prevail

When it comes to deciding on a web host personal and business preferences should be a large part of the decision process. Knowing current and projected budget, future plans and expectations, and level of knowledge and support make a world of difference.

If it were to be broken down into the simplest terms it would be convenience over control. While you definitely have control of your WordPress content you are out of luck for anything that falls outside of that arena.

If a different CMS or software platform is needed then new hosting would be unavoidable. On the other hand, if the convenience of the extra services like backups with a 1-click restore is something you prize above all else then perhaps the WordPress hosting choice is better suited to you.

My Closing Thoughts

I view the hosting choice as a personal opinion. It is closely connected with several different variables. On the one hand, you have cost. WordPress Hosting is normally less for more. While cPanel web hosting offers more resources for almost half the cost in most cases.

WordPress hosting does come with WordPress specific services. Support for WordPress core and needs plus backup and updating. These same services are available from other sources like ManageWP starting at free. If you are more interested in getting the most for the money and having the option to do what you choose then standard cPanel hosting is your better option.

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