Anyone who has read about SEO knows what Keywords are. They are the topic word and phrases that you would like to have search engines list your website or web page under. Once upon a time the Keyword Meta tag was how you notified search engines like Google what you were all about.

Search engines like Google and Bing have since grown up. They no longer depend on you to let them know what keywords you should be listed under. They now evaluate your website’s content and choose what keywords and phrases fit best depending on their ever-changing algorithms.

List For Your Keywords or Marked for Spam

In some cases adding the Keyword meta tag may have an opposite effect on your web page rankings. Some search engines like Bing have been known to use the Keyword meta tag as a guide when checking for spam sites.

The Meta Tags that you should be concentrating on are the Title and Description meta tags. These are used by modern search engines to help with search result listings. Having a unique title and description for every page goes a long way to better Search Engine Placement.

As long as the Title and description are relevant to the content of the web page it is placed in. Using Titles and descriptions that do not match content will be heavily penalized and assigned information using page content if it is listed at all.

Concentrate On the Genuine and Current

SEO tactics change on a frequent basis. Bing and Google will change things up on a whim and usually without notification. The number one recommendation for always being steady with SEO is to be genuine, honest, and use current guides.

Honest intent is an important issue when it comes to how search engines view your website. If you create unique and relevant content then you will always hold a special place in their heart so to speak. Unfortunately it isn’t enough when it comes to a big crowd but it is definitely the foundation you should always strive for.

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